Welcome to the Husky Department

Welcome to the Husky Department

If you look up "Husky Department" online you'll find a lot of articles that try to convey the emotional terror one feels when they realize that they are the 'fat' kid.

From a snippet of a WSJ article:

Though Mr. Stier felt like an isolated loser in that moment, he is certainly not the only boy to have frequented the “Husky” section, where jeans and khakis with larger waistlines and fuller pant legs accommodate heavier-set kids.

As my website title could easily tell you, I was subjected to such "Husky" labelling and a life long struggle with my diet and the weight loss/gain that ensued. While I won't take you on the full journey quite yet :) I've always been at ease with who I am, through thick and thin, and it wasn't until my early 40s that I started to wake up to the realization that: I HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL OF MY HEALTH! Thus began the journey to deshukification!

While learning more about Hive, Engrave/Dblog, and the entire escosystem here my goal is share my experiences in losing weight, working out, meal prepping/cooking, and all things around trying to be a more fit person (physically & mentally). Especially as someone who started this a bit later in life, I hope to possibly inspire a few people here and there as I've been from others around me.